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Sunday Worship.  We meet every Sunday at 3pm for worship together. We usually follow the bible readings of the Revised Common Lectionary unless we’re celebrating or marking a particular event.  

Spiritual and personal growth.  We take the call to discipleship seriously and want to grow in faith and service. We trust the Bible, even when we don’t fully understand it or agree with it. We organise monthly Bible studies exploring specific themes and regular retreats.  

Pastoral Care.  At MCC in Glasgow we hope that every person feels welcome and cared about. We offer pastoral care in a number of ways. If you would like to talk to someone or would like someone to pray with you please ask for the pastor or pastoral assistant.      

Social Events.  Having fun and laughing together is important to how we grow as a church, and how we love each other. On the first Sunday of the month we all ‘squeeze’ into someone’s home for extended fellowship and food. We also regularly hold film nights, discussions and picnics. Food features a lot!  

Social Action.  We believe we are called to love and change this world, especially where God’s people are denied their basic human rights. We support the local foodbank, and regularly make donations to local charities. We also support MCC’s ministry worldwide on Global Justice issues. We are committed to working to make Glasgow a proud and welcoming place for Asylum Seekers and Refugees.  


Celebrating Life’s Events

We love to be there with you marking life’s celebrations.


Thanksgiving and blessing of a child/naming ceremony.  We can offer this as part of our regular Sunday Service or we can come and celebrate in your home or any other place.


Adult and Infant Baptism.  It is through Baptism that you are welcomed into the family of the church. You will make promises to seek God (or make them on behalf of an infant).  


Marriage.  We were very active in the equal marriage campaign and are delighted that we can now offer this service to all couples without being instructed to discriminate against lesbians and gay men.


Blessing of a relationship.  MCCs have been blessing same-sex relationships since 1968! If you don’t want the formality of a marriage or Civil Partnership we would be delighted to help you celebrate your relationship in another way.

We can also be there with you through the sadder events of life and understand how painful it can be when someone close to you dies.  


If you would like to speak to our Minister to help with planning a funeral, please contact Rev. Jane Clarke by email or phone/text 07972 139 128.  


You can also contact Rev. Clarke to discuss a service to celebrate any of the life events above.


How we are funded


We are funded entirely by what the congregation gives on a Sunday or through regular standing orders.

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