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MCC in Glasgow is a community of people who come together to worship, to be challenged, to grow and reach out.


We are lesbian, male, trans, pansexual, married, asexual, non-binary, parents, female, too young to walk yet, male, straight, outgoing, single, gay, cis, with a partner, getting on a bit, kind, bisexual, quiet, chatty, queer, praying, shy, and so much more.    


We come from a variety of denominational backgrounds which can lead to some great conversations as we talk and discover what our faith means to us.


We come from Glasgow and beyond - some of our congregation travel a good distance to get to us as well as being from a variety of countries including Uganda, Scotland, Canada, England, Cameroon, Ireland and beyond.


We like to eat together and share picnics, pot-lucks and meals when times allow. 


We are much more than words can describe.  


We are a people of God and there is always room for one more.

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